Mark Powell appointed general manager of Marineholmen RASLab

Marineholmen RASLab opened in the first quarter of 2020, and central in the work to make this unique effort operational was the recently appointed general manager Mark Powell.

Not a complete unknown for those interested in RAS, not only in Norway, but also beyond our borders.

Unique experience

– When the resource group was looking for a general manager, we soon found out that the person we were looking for probably didn’t exist,” says Reidar Handegård, general manager of the Industrial and Aquatic Laboratory, one of the RAS lab’s owners.

First of all, we wanted a general manager who understood the industry and who had a broad commercial network in aquaculture. At the same time, the individual needed to have a foot in academia. After all, the new RAS Laboratory at Marineholmen aims to have a high level of professional expertise.

– When Mark applied, we soon realised that this not only was the best candidate, he is also perhaps the only person with such broad and unique experience,” Handegård says.

Mark Powell had exactly what RASLab wanted, but didn’t think it would find.

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