ILAB has bought all shares in Marineholmen RASLab AS

Stiftelsen Industrilaboratoriet (ILAB) is a commissioned laboratory for research in aquaculture and aquaculture. The company has more than 30 years of experience in facilitating publicly and privately funded research and more than 250 experiments are carried out annually at the facility. Marineholmen RASLab AS (MRASLab) is a research and innovation company with a focus on technology and biology related to recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and was founded on 11 September 2019. Both companies are located on Marineholmen in the marine cluster which consists of, among others, the University of Bergen, vaccine producers, feed producers, management and consulting companies – all with strong relationships with fish and the sea. ILAB and MRASLab have had ongoing and close collaboration since the start of MRASLab. From 3 November this year, ILAB has taken over all the shares in the company. On that occasion, the general manager of ILAB, Reidar Handegård, has also taken over as general manager of MRASlab AS. Questions can be directed to chairman Carl-Erik Arnesen.